Sunday, 12 September 2010

Weigh day 2

My second weigh day had arrived, the '+/-' symbols are changes and the '=' is the same. Right, here we go:

Bust: 43 in/109.2cm (=)                   
Chest: 34 in/86.4cm (-1in)                       
Waist: 38 in/96.5cm (-2in)                       
Hips: 45 in/114.3cm (-2in)                       
Thighs: 26.5 in/67.3cm (-1in)                       
Calves: 17 in/43.2cm (=)                       
Upper arm: 14 in/35.6cm (-0.5in)                       
Forearm: 11 in/27.9cm (=)

Body Fat %: 52.7% (47.8kg/7st 7lb/105lbs) (+1.2%)
Visceral Fat: 8 (0 Normal) (=)
BMI: 33.3 (Obese) (-0.7)
Weight: 14st 3lb/90.7kg/199lbs (-5lb/2kg)

To say I'm a tad confused by these results is an understatement! My chest and thighs have reduced by one inch, my waist and hips have reduced by two inches, upper arms have reduced by half an inch. My fat percentage has gone up by a tiny amount but I have, apparently, lost five pounds in overall weight.

It appears that after two weeks of trying things start to happen, over the first two weeks I was building up my Cardio fitness to a point where my body could actually start metabolising properly. Some of it may be a reduction of water retension but I can't imagine that all of it will be, the most positive thing is that my body shape is changing and reducing.

The tape measurements have been constant, I barely saw any change at all at the last measuring as my tummy and hips were the same. Those are my 'problem areas' as I seem to collect weight in the usual places women do, my tummy and my bum need to reduce quite a bit!

After a month of hard work walking up sand dunes and around Cardiff, the comparison between the very first measurements I took and todays measurements are as follows:

Bust: +0.5in/1.3cm
Chest: -0.5in/1.3cm                       
Waist: -2in/5.1cm                       
Hips: -2in/5.1cm                       
Thighs: -1in/2.5cm                       
Calves: =                       
Upper arm: =                       
Forearm: =

Body Fat %: -0.2%
Visceral Fat: =
BMI: -0.7
Weight: -4lb/1.8kg

Nearly all of the measurements have either stayed the same or reduced, in short it's working - very slowly - but it's working! In a month I've lost 4lbs, the exercise is paying off! :D.


  1. Following Lucy's excellent example I've tried to break a couple of my bad habits (chocolate and crisps on practically a daily basis) and do a bit more jogging. In 3 weeks my weight has stayed the same but my body fat percentage has gone down by 1.2 percent. Well done, Lucy! Keep up the good work.

  2. Well done :) Really glad it's working for you. As for things working slowly, that's the best way isn't it? So not only is it working, you're doing it the 'proper' way too.

    Keep going and know we're backing you all the way!