Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Erm, better late than never!

Okey dokey, my posting habits have been a bit non-existent of late. I have however kept up with the exercise and measuring, I will post up the results of two weeks ago first, then the readings I took this Sunday.

The measurements from Sunday the 21st November are as follows:

Body Fat %: 51.9% (46.3kg/7st 4lb/102 lbs) (=)                                              
Visceral Fat: 8 (0 Normal) (=)                                                 
BMI: 32.8 (Obese) (-0.3)                                                                   
Weight: 14st 0lb/89.2kg/196lbs (-2lb/-0.8kg)                                                  

The measurements from Sunday the 5th December are:

Body Fat %: 51.6% (45.9kg/7st 3lb/101 lbs) (-0.3%)
Visceral Fat: 8 (0 Normal) (=)
BMI: 32.7 (Obese) (-0.1)
Weight: 14st 0lb/89kg/lbs (-0lb/-0.2kg)

It seems that my weight is still going down very slowly, the stones measurement hasn't changed in two weeks but my weight in kilograms has. Having done the sums for the conversions I only need to lose one more kilogram to be 13st 13lbs, I haven't been 13st anything for a very long time so I'm really pleased! My overall Body Fat Percentage is slowly going down as well, I would love more than anything for it to be down to 45% or even 40% although I realise it may take a while with the slow reduction thus far. I might only take tape measurements every four weeks now, so very little is changing with them that it’s almost not worth doing regularly.

Well, I'm hoping I can keep this up over Christmas and New Year, I am approaching the most dangerous time as far as activity and weight loss goes but it's quite fun! I'm finding that I feel better after exercising and feel energised, that's not to say I don't feel exhausted and sore the next day but as I get stronger and fitter I don't hurt as much. I'm looking in the mirror and feeling better about how I fit my clothes, I'm not wanting to go for the huge baggy T-shirts option to hide my figure anymore. It feels good :D.

Another positive thing about exercising is that I almost gave blood today... Now you might be thinking "Why is she happy about not managing to donate blood?" Well, I am committed to donating to the Blood Service but I've never quite managed it. Each time I go they never quite find a vein but this time they did, I'd been exercising earlier in the day to get my heart rate up and it actually worked for about 40 seconds then it stopped. I was disappointed but it means that by exercising my veins are expanding and my heart rate is improving, thus the next time I go I should, *fingers crossed*, be able to donate a pint of blood properly. Just a reminder for people who can, Christmas is the time the Blood Service always run short so get to the Donation Sessions people!!