Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Weigh Day 4... ish!

Well, it has been two weeks since my last confession... This post is two days late because I've been in bed since Friday night with a horrible head cold, with a headache that wouldn't shift for a while no matter what drugs I was taking for it. These measurements were taken in my lucid ten minutes yesterday morning before I went back to sleep again! I can think well enough today to put them up on the interwebs so here they are:

Bust: 42.5 in/107.9cm (+0.5in)                   
Chest: 34 in/86.4cm (-1.5in)                   
Waist: 39 in/99.1cm (=)                   
Hips: 46.5 in/118.1cm (+0.5in)                   
Thighs: 26.5 in/67.3 (+2.5in)                   
Calves: 16.5 in/41.9cm (=)                   
Upper arm: 14 in/35.6cm (=)                   
Forearm: 11 in/27.9 (=)

Body Fat %: 52.2% (47.1kg/7st 5lb/103lbs) (-0.2%)
Visceral Fat: 8 (0 Normal) (=)
BMI: 33.2 (Obese) (-0.2)
Weight: 14st 3lb/90.3kg/199lbs (-1lb/-0.2kg)

As you can see, everything's pretty stable and I expected as much. Something that has surprised me is that the Fat Percentage/Overall Weight pattern has been broken. They have both gone down in these two weeks which is great, I'll just have to make sure they don't both go back up again over Winter.

Below is the comparison with the very first set of measurements taken, I'm really pleased to see I've almost lost 1% of my Body Fat since starting, even though my weight is stable at 4lbs lost:

Bust: =                   
Chest: -0.5in/1.3cm                   
Waist: -1in/2.5cm                   
Hips: -0.5in/1.3cm                   
Thighs: -1in/2.5cm                   
Calves: -0.5in/1.3cm                   
Upper arm: =                   
Forearm: =

Body Fat %: -0.7%
Visceral Fat: =
BMI: -0.8
Weight: -4lb/1.8kg

I believe this set of measurement marks two months since starting up this little adventure, I must admit recently I haven't done as much as I could have. At the moment I'm working up a new routine, trying to do different - and slightly more organised - things. We're recently re-discovered a very good site that has concise videos teaching you how to do weights routines here, once again most of the site is supplement-tastic (Although their anatomy model looks like the Thing from Fantastic Four! :D ). I'm amazed at how hard I've found it to do anything since the weather has changed over the past month, I know the Human Animal is a warm weather creature but why is it so different in my head?

Something I've found helpful is keeping a little folder of exercises, sometimes there are bits and pieces in newspapers and magazines with exercises and healthy eating tips, sometimes there are hints on the back of cereal packets. If you also print everything out from the internet that you, personally, find interesting then you can build up quite a tome in a relatively short space of time. I will log off for now, but once I've got over this cold properly I will re-start my fitness drive.

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