Sunday, 29 August 2010

Weigh Day 1

Well, after my first two weeks of work here are the results of my first weigh in and measurements. The little men in the white coats have deliberated and the results checked by an independent adjudicator. The '+/-' symbols in brackets are showing whether the stat has gone up or down from the previous weigh in, if there is '=' it means that the stat hasn't changed at all:

Bust: 43 in/cm  (+0.5in)
Chest: 35 in/cm  (+0.5in)
Waist: 40 in/101.6cm  (=)
Hips: 47 in/119.38cm  (=)
Thighs: 27.5 in/69.85cm  (=)
Calves: 17 in/43.18cm  (=)
Upper arm: 14.5 in/cm  (+0.5in)
Forearm: 11 in/27.94cm  (=)

Body Fat %: 51.5% ++ Very High/47.7 kg/7st 7lb/105lb  (-1.4%, 1.2kg/2lb)
Visceral Body Fat: 8 (0 Normal)  (=)
BMI: 34.0 (Obese)  (=)
Weight: 14st 8lb/92.6/204lb  (+1lb)

Okey dokey, as you can see pretty much every measurement has stayed the same, which I was expecting as I've only been doing this for two weeks! My bust and my chest have gained half an inch, I'm not too worried about that because when you're a woman that region of your body does get bigger and smaller as the month goes on. I have also gained an average half inch on my upper arms which I am almost certain is to do with the boxing I've been doing, I have gained a pound in weight but then I also seemed to have gained muscle so I don't mind that too much.

The biggest change and the one I am delighted with is that my Body Fat has gone down. Now 1.4% doesn't sound like very much but it really is, it's a loss of 2lbs/1.2kg of fat. Try holding two bags of sugar and you'll get a comparable weight. Just 2lb loss also means that I'm doing this in the right way, if I'd have dropped half a stone then something is drastically wrong. A massive drop in weight over a short period of time is very bad for you so I'm glad it's only 2lbs!

I have now done eight walks, I did my walk as usual yesterday when we got back to Cardiff despite walking all round the Zoo for the Wedding! The distance I have covered is very roughly 36 miles/57.9 Kilometres. I have done Boxing, staff training, strength training and stretching. I will start up Yoga again using the Lyn Marshall books to wake my flexibility back up, overall I have been building up my stamina and endurance so I can keep going for longer. Once my Cardio fitness reaches the level of a normal human I, hopefully, will start to see reductions in my tape measurements as well.

I'm not sure whether to continue with what I've been doing then alter it after the month mark, or do more stuff from now on. If anyone has any suggestions as to the routine I've got or can think of more stuff to do post it up and let me know! I definitely welcome suggestions on this one :D.

For a first weigh in I am delighted with the results, I was so worried that nothing would have changed at all. It's so disappointing and a blow to confidence when you think "I've done all this work for no reward." Thank you to the people who have stuck with me so far and are still reading this Blog, it's great to know that people enjoy reading the randomness!


  1. Congrats! Really glad it's going well :-)

  2. I echo the congrats. It's a good thing that the scales give you so much detail because if you're loosing fat and gaining muscle it can look on weight alone like you're not getting anywhere. Which would be rather demoralising.
    I've decided to join the move more and eat less movement since I'd like to shed about 10 pounds. I've found a great site that helps you to plan a walking/jogging route. Despite early protests, I did not have to register to do this: